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Nov. 21st, 2021


However, it still contains my Doctor Who and Green Wing fanfiction, and many great memories with old friends, so it stays.
I now write at anyones_face, and can be found by email: mad4xfbabe@aol.com.

Je vive!

So, I'm alive.


Is everyone else alive too?

index: influenza - pages 133, 318 and 340

I've just had 24 hours of hell.

And by hell, I mean flu.

Ugh. I feel terrible.

And I'm so bored. I've been flicking back through my flist and trying to catch up but I can't concentrate and nothing's going in. I need something to doooo, but I feel so tired too. And I can't leave the bedroom because my 90-year-old grandad's staying and if I pass it onto him then he might die. :-0

Last night amidst the couging and the crying and the fever, I made mother get my biology textbooks and read to me all about flu.

Learning is good. Even whilst ill/dying.

*puts on geek hat*
Well, m'back. Still absolutely knackered and weighed down by outstanding post-holiday homework, hence the silence for the past 4 days.

However, needless to say, it was absolutely fantastic - our instructor Pat(tie) was a complete legend, she took us on a red run only three days after the first time we'd had a pair of skis on, and I quickly became known as the Off-Piste Queen for my (deliberate) tendency to go off round the piste markers, up and down hills, over moguls and through the edges of a forest - I LIVED for off-pisting, it is SO GOOD!

Anyways, I'm still severely sleep deprived and have a million things to do, so ciao for now.

PS: Watch Pippa Haywood on BBC 2 at 9pm (the TV guide said she was "a joy to behold") and/or tape Oli Chris in Bonkers on ITV (I LOVE this, missed it last week, but it's so laugh-out-loud funny!)
I'm going to Italy skiing tomorrow!!

With school and lots of friendies and we're going to have lots and lots of fun fun fun! *so excited*

Sorry about the lack of commenting this week, I've been playing lots of hockey and doing work experience at RAF Linton on Ouse (which was fab, I am definitely joining the Air Force) and now I'm going away and it's all so exciting!


Hello world.

Had a jam packed weekend, sorry about the lack of commenting. Went to Whitby on Saturday, and had a bit of a vintage-sign-photographing-fest.

Today in biology we dissected a pig's heart. And now I want to be a heart surgeon, because how cool?!

Also, meme from a couple of my flist (and I want maximum participation, people!)
Comment and I will:

1) Tell you why I friended you.
2) Associate you with a song/film.
3) Tell a random fact about you.
4) Tell a first memory about you.
5) Associate you with a character/pairing.
6) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7) Show you my favourite user pic of yours.

musings on JRT's checkered underpants...

Ugh, had such a horrible day yesterday, involving tears and tantrums and sprained muscles, but the upshot of it was I had a candlelit bath at about 8pm then went to bed and wrote reams and reams of Caromac smut-in-the-rain. So not all bad. ;)

I have an opticians appointment soooon (have to get contacts for skiing, as I don't want my glasses to get smashed into my face... nice) but I just need to point this out: someone started this thread over in the Green Wing comm, and I commented there but have to point this link out to ALL JRT FANS EVERYWHERE: julianrhind-tutt.co.uk - Jules gets (almost) nekkid! With a photo which will make your imagination run WILD.

Also, scroll down to Speak Up -  Faces of 4 Julian Rhind-Tutt - some of you may have read it via the channel 4 website, but I'm presuming he wrote it, and if so... well, that man has very, very many talents indeed - he's writing what is practically (very very soft, barely perceptible) smut!

Can I get a ::GUH:: ?

Mac/Caroline wedding fic: Sunrise

Title: Sunrise
Pairing: Mac/Caroline
Rating: PG-13 for language/insinuation
SPOILERS: The Special
Summary: It's the morning after their wedding night, and the happy couple are continuing to discover exactly why they are so in love.
A/N: This was completely inspired by leiascully 's wonderful fic So Much History in a Kiss, and it kind of follows on from where that left off. I also owe her my life, for not only does she provide me with fantabulous fic, but she is an amazing beta too. :)

The golden sun was a perfect sphere, perched so precariously on top of the horizon that Caroline thought it might just roll away if she breathed too loudly.Collapse )

New layout

Awww, look at my new FO banner, ain't it cute?? Just felt like a change really, and as I couldn't work out how to put a header into this layout, I stuck it up as a banner instead. Aww, that scene is so much ♥.


I GOT A TELEGRAPH BALLOT PLACE IN THE GREAT NORTH RUN! (We're hopefully doing it as a school team, to raise money for our charity of the year).

Unfortunately, amidst the excitement of having my name pulled out of the metaphorical hat, it means I actually have to start training properly to prepare for a 13 mile race.

Oh dear.